Deploy openshift via ansible on fedora-atomic 27

Run openshift via ansible on fedora-atomic 27

Requements(node configuration)
— 3 node fedora atomic 27
— debian node with python3,docker,docker-compose packages,ansible(>= 2.3)
— ssh-login without password on all nodes from deploying node(from
— Functional DNS server, with all hosts configured by appropriate domain names (ensure nslookup of the hostnames is successful in resolving the machine’s IP addresses
— Setup passwordless SSH between the Ansible host and other hosts.

Node settings
— ansible,dns node — Debian with python3,docker,docker-compose packages
— fedora atomic — resolved by name master.openshift.local
— fedora atomic — resolved by name node1.openshift.local
— fedora atomic — resolved by name node2.openshift.local
— dns nameserver after build and up compose file must be changed on

1. Configure ansible, dns node

Install requirements

Add line

add key


Clone bind9 docker-compose

Change dns-nameserver


1. Configure fedora-atomic nodes

Change dns-nameserver


3. Deploy openshift from ansible node

Git clone

Change branch

COnfigure myinventory file




It’s time to coffee brake. 15-20 min.

Add user admin

Go to

The password for the admin user is OriginAdmin, while the password for the user user is OriginUser.



Remove openshift from nodes

Openshift multimaster config

Официальная документация на версию 3.7


#Инфа по переменным при инстале

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